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All For OneSM

Take a look into how this philosophy creates the environment for you to do
great things.


Workplace design and 
consultancy firm with in-house
construction capabilities

The Eagle Group advantage comes from an integrated team connected by a singular philosophy – called All For One – who runs a proven production process – called Span.


Regardless of the scale and scope of your project, the focus is the same: The Eagle Group will create an environment for your company to soar to new heights.This renovation will increase workflow efficiency, employee morale and productivity while freeing you of the inefficient “Traditional” project workflow.

Traditional vs. Single Source Workflows

A traditionally managed project forces you to manage multiple vendors, a situation which often leads to lost time and money. In contrast, The Eagle Group serves as both the manager and single source provider of design, construction and interior services.

ALL FOR ONE is both our core belief
and our working model:



ALL FOR ONE gives you many unique benefits:


  • ONE PARTNER: To handle the design, building & furnishing of your


  • ONE AGREEMENT: Your design, contract, budget and timeline details are held by one partner.

  • ONE TEAM: An integrated group of professionals – including architects, designers and project managers, with a dedicated procurement department and full service furniture dealership – all working together to maximize efficiency.

  • ONE GOAL: To create the environment for you to do great things

Span is an integrated process that deals with issues up front, gives you a visible plan and allows you to be free of the headaches that plague traditionally-managed projects. Streamlined over hundreds of projects and several decades by The Eagle Group team, Span accounts for every facet of your renovation in a strategic and detailed way.

The Four Stages of Span



Span Studio

Within The Eagle Group headquarters is the Span Studio – a design center that allows you to see, touch and feel the materials involved in your project. The Span Studio gives you the chance to collaborate with our designers and bridge the Vision and Create steps in the Span Process.


Span Assurance


As added value, you will receive a 90-day post-sale inspection of your project for final comfort adjustments of the workstations and office space.