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All For OneSM

Take a look into how this philosophy creates the environment for you to do
great things.


Workplace design and 
consultancy firm with in-house
construction capabilities


Two things we've long believed must be minimized during your renovation: Inefficiency for your organization, and stress for you and your employees. 

Several decades and hundreds of projects ago, the team at The Eagle Group imagined something different – something that would actually let corporations use
their time and money to improve their working environments rather than waste their time and money trying to manage multiple vendors during a workspace improvement project.


What was imagined back then, and what is in practice now, is a single source model for organizations that require design, construction and furnishing services for their move, expansion or renovation. Simply put, The Eagle Group helps create the environment for you to do great things.


A Solutions Partner


More than just a vendor, The Eagle Group can be your solutions partner who understands the complexities of transforming your environment. Now, you can:


  • Hold one group accountable for the timing, management and budget of your project

  • Eliminate lapses in progress caused by change orders or vendor alignment

  • Enjoy less headaches by not having to deal with multiple partners

  • Get back to focusing on your key responsibilities

Answers to Your Key Questions


The Eagle Group is not a loose grouping of designers, contractors or builders; instead, you have an integrated team who are specialists in answering the key
questions that most companies have, such as:


  • How can I get more out of my limited workspace footprint?

  • How can I address the increasing functional needs of my space?

  • How can I generate more collaboration, teamwork and productivity?

  • How can I boost and sustain employee morale just by having a nicer space?

With The Eagle Group, You Will:

  1. Have a solution with full details on   scope, time and budget

  2. Get a visible plan that addresses all project phases

  3. Be free of the headaches that plague traditionally-managed projects

Quick Facts:

  1. More than 2,900 projects completed since 1986

  2. More than 3 million square feet of improved workspace environments

  3. Over 2 centuries of combined, industry experience on staff

  4. A second generation, family-owned and operated business

  5. Member of PICS: Auditors of contractors worldwide